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The Depot and 48Hours Present: Welcome to Corfu

The Depot

38 Upper Clapton Road, London E5

A group exhibition featuring:

Chris Barr, Milo Brennan, Loz Chalk, Stewart Cliff, Menna Cominetti, Rhys Coren, Joel Croxson, Tim Ellis, Tom Hobson, Rob Leech, France-Lise McGurn, Andrew Mealor, Jack Newling, Lea Provenzano, Mandy Ure, Sarah Wilton

pv: 4/4/2014 (6-9pm)
open: 5/4/2014 - 6/4/2014 (12-6pm)

Current Exhibition:&&
Cheap Flights: Work by Nicky Carvell, Rob Eagle, James Howard and Rob Leech


34-38 Provost St, Shoreditch, 
  London N1 7NG

Preview Night: Thursday 4th November 2010, 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition open: 05/11/10 - 23/12/10, 11am – 6pm

Whether from the world of entertainment or leisure, the internet, high street or market 
stall, what the four artists exhibiting have in common is the sampling and referencing of 
attention-seeking visuals and so-called simple pleasures from popular culture. This is done
 with a mixture of humor, irony, nostalgia and celebration.

Nicky Carvell’s work celebrates commercial visuals which may be stylistically outdated, but
 still retain a powerful presence through their innate dynamism. Working in a Post-Pop 
climate, she extracts tropes from commercial graphics and encourages them towards formal 
excess. The work behaves as signs without particular meaning, instead emanating an 
unutterable sense of boldness and energy. Turning these “Naff Graphics” to face the world 
in their new guise as artworks, in Carvell’s work the everyday becomes exotic and the 
familiar fantastic. Nicky Carvell Graduated from the Royal Academyschools in 2009. She 
lives and works in 
  London. Recent exhibitions include: Plastic Culture, Legacies of Pop, 
The Harris Museum, Preston, UK; This is England (curated by Stuart Semple), Aubin & Wills 
Gallery London; Terminator (curated by Juan Bolivar), Camberwell Space, London; Modern Love,
 Simon Oldfield Gallery, London.  

Rob Eagle’s work takes an inquisitive look at the peculiarities of modern British culture, 
offering an intuitive and often humorous perspective on the real physical world and the 
people and objects of everyday life. Rob Eagle completed an MA in Fine Art at the Royal 
College of Art in 2009. He lives and works in London.   Recent shows include: Parade, Aspex 
  Portsmouth; Riff-Raff (Curated by David Southard), Q, 
  London; Of the Land (curated 
by Rob Eagle), Vulpes Vulpes, 
  London; Eagle & Eken, Transition Gallery, 

James Howard's work takes the images that pop up on our computer screens and brings them to
 the forefront. These quasi-adverts lure the audience into a shady world of false products 
and credit card fraud. According to Howard we are living in the Wild West of the new digital
 age, with junk email preying on our insecurities and needs. James Howard Graduated from the 
Royal Academy Schools in 2007. He lives and works in 
  London. Recent Shows includeBlack 
Money, Peifen Fine Art - 21 Fleet Street, London; FRESSEN UND GEFRESSEN WERDEN, Peles Empire,
 London; The Future Can Wait 2010 (Curated byZavier Ellis and Simon Rumley), Charlie Smith, 
Shoreditch town hall, London; Newspeak: British Art Now (Part Two), Saatchi Gallery, London.  

Rob Leech "When you go to an Indian Restaurant there is always a dish that comes out still 
sizzling. I want that dish, and I don't want the sizzling to stop". Rob Leech Graduated 
from the Royal Academy schools in 2009. He lives and works in 
  London. Recent shows include:
 Riff-Raff (Curated by David Southard), Q, 
  London; Claire Price Rob Leech, Crimes Town 
London; It's all over, Eleven Howland, 

Accompanying text by Rachel Potts (Click here to view)

Curated by Rob Leech